Sleep Tight

Don’t Let The Bedbugs Bite! Bedbugs have quickly become a full-blown epidemic in our urban environment. Empire understands the aggravation, anxiety and nuisance bedbugs bring to your home. With the newest bedbug control technology and our experienced team of bedbug technicians, we will completely solve your bedbug problem at an affordable price.

New York's Epidemic

Our services include a mix of different techniques to ensure that we eliminate the problem. Our applications include: liquid and dust pesticide, aerosol spray, Cryonite treatment, HEPA vacuum, and steam treatment.

Cryonite treatments, the use of a HEPA vacuum, and our steam treatments are best suited for customers with medical conditions, infants on-site, or who are just interested in this green pest control option.

A Man's Best Friend...

Empire Exterminating offers an additional service using canine detection. Due to a dogs keen sense of smell, our trained canines can detect bedbugs much better than any human. They have been proven to be 90% accurate and can detect bedbugs through walls. This makes our exterminators inspection that much more accurate and control measures can begin.