Mosquito /

Whether planning an outdoor event or wanting a safe environment to enjoy your yard, Empire uses the most modern technology and techniques to protect you from unwanted guests.

Mosquito and Tick Treatment Options

Single Service

A single treatment that reduces mosquito and tick populations. This provides short term protection perfect for an outdoor event or party

Season Long Protection

Sign up for bi-monthly scheduled mosquito treatments to ensure protection from mosquitos and ticks. This is best implemented throughout the duration of mosquito season, which spans from April to October.

The Process


We conduct a thorough inspection of vulnerable areas of your property and locate mosquito/tick breeding grounds.


Our treatment immediately reduces the mosquito/tick population and creates a safe outdoor space.


Empire will prevent larvae from breeding and becoming potentially disease-carrying adults.


Added protection from mosquito-borne diseases such as Zika, West Nile Virus, and Chikungunya.

Green Alternative

Ask about our natural treatment options which deter mosquitoes immediately and effectively just like our traditional barrier treatment. The ingredients used are derived from natural plant oils which maintain effective outdoor pest control.

Do-It-Yourself Tips

Eliminate standing water on your property which is used as breeding grounds.

Use fans near seating areas

Reduce heavy shrubbery and ivy near the home. Adult mosquitoes commonly hide and rest in these locations.

Clean gutters regularly to ensure proper water drainage