Why is D-I-Y exterminating the worst?

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Toni Pe

March 8, 2022

In this article, you’ll be reading the importance of consulting a professional.

Don’t worry, if you’re about to begin your Do-It-Yourself extermination, you still have time to think about it

because what you’ll be doing can make the situation worse.

We’ve always been worried about it so don’t worry…

for we will begin this article… NOW!



Do-It-Yourself extermination is appealing because we believe it will be less expensive, less hassle, and that we will be able to do a better job. Nonetheless, do-it-yourself solutions are frequently (though not always) a failure. There are some drawbacks to DIY pest control that make it a bad choice. What you truly need is a professional with years of experience to diagnose the issue, offer therapy suggestions, and monitor and administer the treatment professionally.


Reasons why D-I-Y extermination is the WORST thing you could possibly do 

  • Bug bombs are far more popular than they are effective.

The insect bomb is one of the most common and popular DIY treatments. Bug bombs are pesticide devices that contain aerosol propellants and release their contents all at once to fumigate a specific area. Bug bombs are commonly used in the home to kill cockroaches, fleas, and other pests. Unfortunately, bug bombs are ineffective at killing pests at their source. In reality, setting off a bomb is more likely to distribute bugs about your house than it is to kill them.

  • Pest control chemicals must be handled by professionals.

Many over-the-counter pest control products contain chemicals that can pollute your drinking water, plants, and even the air in your house. When you choose professional pest control over DIY, you get experts who know how to handle these pesticides safely. Empire Exterminating even provides a green option. You no longer need to be concerned.

  • Bugs are becoming more and more resistant.

They are developing resistance to chemicals over time as a result of inappropriate management. When you hire a professional pest control company, you’re hiring a specialist who employs powerful products that are known to zap bugs and provide long-term solutions.

  • Killing on contact is a temporary remedy.

When a do-it-yourself product does work, it usually kills on contact. This is a quick fix, but it does nothing to improve your condition in the long run. When you kill bugs on contact, they have a chance to recuperate and relocate. You need a pest management system that eliminates pests at the source rather than just killing them on contact.

Now that we know the truth about these METHODS, we now know how to handle them.

Every year, pests create millions and millions of damage and we don’t want it to be bigger just because you hoped for an affordable solution. Professional exterminating companies know what’s better and what’s best. If you’re having second thoughts about the costs, call Empire Exterminating at (888) 983-7668 for a free quote and chance to meet their dog!