Insight Tuesday: Facts About Extermination

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Mark Lim

April 19, 2022

Well, we’ve learned so many things about the modern chemicals and technology that are used in today’s extermination process. Nonetheless, wouldn’t you want to learn more about their facts and history? 


The use of insecticides to kill pests is one of the most well-known methods for controlling or displacing pests. Pest organisms may be harmed biologically or physically by insecticides. Some pesticides are applied indirectly, for as by spraying on a plant that an insect can eat. Nonetheless, this wasn’t quite what we used before. Are you now curious about how our ancestors survived an infestation before? Well, let’s hop into it!

  • Ever wondered why Cats were a “god” in Egypt before?

Imagine attempting to keep pests out of your home hundreds, if not thousands, of years ago. There was no bug guy to contact and say, “We have a spider problem, please come fix it right immediately.”

People were obliged to devise various methods to either deter insects and rodents from entering the house or to rapidly destroy them once they had gained entry.

Domestic cats were thought to be an ideal remedy to rat issues in Egypt four thousand years ago. Domestic cats were extremely effective in eradicating rodents that lingered inside homes.


  • Chinese are indeed smart people, don’t you think?

Way before the innovation in China, insects were utilized to combat other insects. Due to the destruction of numerous crops by foliage-eating insects, the Chinese would construct predaceous ant colonies. The ants’ nests would be placed in trees, where the ants would feed on the foliage and eat insects.

Bamboo bridges were built to aid the ants’ travel from one tree to the next. Predaceous ants have also become popular among date growers in Yemen and North Africa. These ants were extremely effective at protecting crops from insects that may have harmed the local food supply.


Interesting, right? Now…

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