What are the factors that make the pests choose their prey?

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Marcus Yap

April 16, 2022

Well, like how predators choose their prey, the pests also have factors that they “somehow” consider, or affect their way of choice, that make them decide on their victim.


To begin, you must understand what these pests are and how they influence us. Pest insects have the potential to harm agricultural production, market access, the natural environment, and our way of life. Pest insects may be a nuisance and a health concern to humans, causing damage to crops and food production, parasitizing cattle, and being an annoyance and health hazard to humans. 


What are the factors?


  • Climate 

It depends upon the pest itself if they survive best on hot or cold, but they will also consider the weather and of course, their living conditions in terms of temperature in a given victim’s household or environment


  • State of Environment

Truth be told, pests don’t necessarily love “dirty” environments. It’s just that, having these kinds of environments would be harder for us to really find the root or nest of their colony. Moreover, it somehow gives them more access to something livable. 


  • Their Food Supply

Just like how humans act, pests also consider an environment wherein they’ll be able to have a supply of food/blood in order for them to be alive. They must secure a fixed source/host for them to feed. 


But now that we know the factors, what should we do now?

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