Wisdom Wednesday: Facts About Pesticides

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Toni Pe

April 20, 2022

Well, every Wednesday deserves wisdom! So, let’s proceed to digging deeper into the realm of pesticides! 


A pesticide is a term that refers to any substance that is used to prevent, eradicate, repel, or mitigate pests. The term “pesticide” is commonly misinterpreted to refer primarily to insecticides, but it also includes herbicides, fungicides, and other pest-controlling chemicals. Furthermore, Pesticides are classed according to the pests they are designed to kill. Furthermore, they are designed to target specific physiological (or botanical) processes that destroy the organism as quickly as possible.


The Most Interesting Facts About Pesticides 

  • I’m sure you already have a pesticide in your kitchen right now and you won’t guess what it is!

Pesticides aren’t always created chemically; others are created organically. A biopesticide, a form of pesticide originating from plants, animals, minerals, or microbes, contains baking soda and canola oil.


  • What do you think is the crowd’s favorite? Well, malathion.

Malathion, an organophosphate pesticide often employed in state and federal mosquito control programs, is the most widely used insecticide.

Larvicides and adulticides are what you call the ones that are used to control mosquito larvae and adult mosquitoes. So much for a name, right?


  • Talk about how scaringly intelligent human beings are!

To manage social insects, a delayed toxin like hydramethylnon is recommended because they will eventually return to the nest and harm other members of the colony.


Above all…

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